Daniel Shah

Daniel Rund

Born in 1982 at the shores of Lake Starnberg in Bavaria. Grown up in Munich as the son to a mother from Prussia and an Indian father raised in Sudan. Discovered the electric guitar and his own voice at some point. Band member and aspiring rockstar ever since. Studied History and English to become a teacher, entered and left the field of journalism, co-founded a fashion label. Eventually problem manager for BMW, then finally had it with Munich. Left for Berlin, stumbled upon NVC, and finally hit the jackpot. By now high school teacher, trainer, musician, blogger and wannabe-yogi.


Past Work in Non-Violent Communication:

  • Potsdam University: NVC training with students
  • Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (=Dresden College of Art): NVC training with students
  • Verein für Ambulante Versorgung Berlin Hohenschönhausen: NVC training with pupils and teachers from Vincent-Van-Gogh-Schule and Schule am Breiten Luch
  • NVC training for refugee workers in Nossen (assistance to the lead facilitator)
  • Miscellaneous self-directed NVC introduction and advanced trainings for individuals
  • Kulturkraftwerk Zossen e.V.: NVC training with youth workers
  • Neues Wohnen im Kiez GmbH, Berlin: NVC trainings with adolescents
  • 9 month NVC basic training in Berlin and Belzig (assistance to lead facilitators)
  • Miscellaneous NVC advanced training for couples in Berlin and Belzig (assistance to lead facilitators)
  • Continuous leading of an NVC practice group in Berlin

Education and Further Training

  • 2017 – 2018 teacher training (Referendariat) at Mildred-Harnack-School, Berlin; completed with the Second State Exam in education
  • 2016 Tribal Technologies with Kelly Bryson
  • 2014 – 2015 advanced training in Nonviolent Communication for couples
  • 2013 – 2015 facilitator training in Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • 2005 – 2001 studies in secondary education (Gymnasium) in History and English at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich; completed with the First State Exam in education
  • 2002 – 2005 studies in political science at Freie Universität Berlin (intermediate diploma)

Professional History

  • Since 2018 teacher of English and History @ Mildred-Harnack-School, Berlin
  • Since 2014 facilitator of trainings in Nonviolent Communication
  • 2012 – 2013 problem manager with In-Motion GmbH in Munich by order of BMW
  • 2012 co-founder of Kolumbus & Kowalski (fashion label in Munich) – marketing, distribution, accounting, and consulting
  • 2011 – 2012 journalist in radio and television for Bayerischer Rundfunk
  • 2005 team member of product management of V2 Records in Berlin (since 2007 Universal Music Group)
  • 2004 – 2007 editor with Südasieninformationsnetz e.V (South Asia Information Network) and with online music magazine Alternativenation.de

Musical Career

  • 2014 founder of rock band Queen Kowalski – composer, lyricist, singer, and guitarist
  • 2006 founder of rock band Sickcity – composer, lyricist, singer, and guitarist
  • 1999 founder of rock band Lilac – composer, lyricist, singer, and guitarist